1. Who are the villains?

1. Mal, Evie, Carlos & Jay

2. Randall, Waternoose & Fungus

3. Lotso, Ken, & Chunk

2. Who stole Riley's shoes?

1. Mal

2. Carlos

3. Evie

3. Who's Riley's imaginary friend?

1. Fear

2. Joy

3. Bing Bong

4. Where did Tease boy bought the luxo lamp?

1. Store 

2. Pizza Planet

3. Party store

5. What did Tease boy & his friends built?

1. A plane with a pizza planet sign 

2. A car

3. A helicoptor 

6. What toys does Riley have?

1. Lotso, Lightning McQueen, Barbie & Buzz Lightyear

2. Mike, Sulley & Waternoose

3. Woody, Jessie, Ken, & Bullseye 

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