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Quizwiki has been set up by the International Quizzing Association. Its purpose is to provide information in the best possible format for quiz players and question setters with a resource. Quizwiki has been created, maintained and edited by quiz enthusiasts and will quickly become the most reliable resource of its kind.

As question setters for TV shows, quiz events, newspapers and games, we are very well aware that quiz writers and quizzers just want to be able to get to the facts - fast! And so, we propose that the pages here are set out in the following format:

  1. Introduction
  1. Essential Trivia - Key information that everyone needs to know about the subject.
  1. Intermediate Information - More in-depth facts of the sort that might come up in a league or national quiz circuit.
  1. Hardcore Facts - Specialist knowledge.
  1. Factoids - Interesting bits of information that don't sit within any other category.
  1. Quiz Questions - If you're feeling generous, you could set a couple of questions on the subject for your fellow quizzers!
  1. Sources and Links - Essential for verification.

If there are any disputes, we will call upon trusted specialists in each subject to arbitrate.

We hope you enjoy using and contributing to this project! If you have any comments or suggestions, or if you are looking to buy quiz questions , please get in touch by emailing

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