This Is A Quiz To See: What EPIC Dragon You Are?

A: 1 point

B: 2 points

C: 3 Points


Question 1:

What Do You Like More?

A: Rainbow Dragon

B: Silver Dragon

C: Apocalypse Dragon

Question 2:

What Treat You Feed You're Dragons?

A: Pumpermelon

B: Blushrooms

C: Omega Squash

Question 3:

What's The Math court Of 6%94323.

A: 36,475!

B: Money

C: I Don't Care!


1-3 Points: Rainbow- You're Gentle, Like The Colorful And Always Give! You're A Rare Treasure!

4-6 Points: Silver- You're Pretty Greedy, Knowing Everyone Wants You.

7-9 Points: Apocalypse- Hi five! You're My Kind! You're like always The Bad Side, Eating, Blasting OS To The Mouth, Like To Rate stuff: A New Friend!

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