This article is to help you decide what Creature, Spirit, Immortal, Dragon, Faery, etc. you are best suited to collect. If you are new to collecting or a seasoned collector looking to branch out what treasures are in your collection this will help guide you.

Collecting the right kind of entity can lead to a happy, well-balanced collection that yields the best rewards for both you and your entity. As

with any human when you are happy you work faster, better, stronger and are more generous... it is the same for any being. You collect

because you feel a connection or bond with the treasure and its inhabitant, you should make the most of your relationship

You should always collect what you feel a calling to and this guide will help you towards the entities you are best suited for.

There are thousands of creatures and since we cannot cover each and every one of them we are going to cover the most widely collected,

and when applicable we will list more rare creatures you should look for when they are available.

There are two types of entities in your collection... those you collect because they are like you and remind you of what you like about

yourself... and those who provide you rewards you otherwise would not have.

Before you start have a piece of paper and a writing instrument to record your answers to each question. Record the number following your

answer and at the end total the numbers to find what entities you are best fitted for.

Begin of Query:

When I have time to myself I:

Spend time in meditation - 1 Practice my spellcasting - 2 Write or read, paint, play/sing music - 3 Work on money-making hobbies or work

for your job - 4 Study or teach others on any topic - 5 Spend time thinking about or helping family, loved ones, or strangers - 6 Spend time

in physical activity - 7

The emotion I feel I experience most is:

Ethereal - 1

Power - 2

Love - 3

Ambition - 4

Anxiety - 5

Compassion - 6

Guardian - 7

From these my favorite color is:

Yellow - 1

Brown - 2

Pink - 3

Red - 4

Orange - 5

Purple - 6

Black - 7

From these if I were to transform myself into an animal it would be:

Dove - 1

Cat - 2

Peacock - 3

Horse - 4

Owl - 5

Dolphin - 6

Dog - 7

The perfect greeting to another person is:

Eye contact - 1

Nod - 2

Kiss - 3

Handshake - 4

Pat on the back - 5

Hug - 6

Smile - 7

From these my favorite part of the earth is:

Sky - 1

Soil - 2

Grass - 3

Sand - 4

Wind - 5

Water - 6

Fire - 7

End of Query. Please total your numerical answers and reference your total score below.


If you score is between: (entities marked with an * are not as common)

6-11 The entities you are best suited for:

Chinese Fox

Anubis Egyptian god of the Dead

Khepri Egyptian god of Rebirth

Khnum Egyptian god of Creation

Nephthys Egyptian goddess of Protecting the Dead

Nut Egyptian Sky goddess

Osiris Egyptian god of the Dead

Ra Egyptian god of the Sun

Thoth Egyptian god of Knowledge/Connection to Moon

Eos Greek goddess of Rebirth

Hades Greek god of the Underworld

Helios Greek god of the Sun

Persephone Greek goddess of the Underworld




Blue Dragon

Brass Dragon

Bronze Dragon

Green Dragon

White Dragon

Chinese Teacher Dragon





Loki Norse god of Magic

Sif Norse goddess

Amun Egyptian king of the gods

Isis Egyptian goddess of Powerful Magic

Hera the Greek goddess wife of Zeus

Hypnos Greek god of Sleep

Kirke Greek goddess of Potions & Spells

Zeus Greek god of the Sky




The entities you are best suited for:

Aegir Norse god of the Sea

Balder Norse god of Beauty

Bragi Norse god of Eloquence

Freyr Norse god of Fertility

Freya Norse goddess of Love

Frigg Norse goddess of Love

Idun Norse goddess of Youth

Cao Guo-jiu Chinese Immortal of Actors

He Xian-gu Chinese Immortal of Virgins & Unmarried

Seshat Egyptian goddess of Writing

Aphrodite Greek goddess of Love

Eros Greek god of Love

Graces Greek goddesses of Splendor, Festivity & Rejoicing

Hebe Greek goddess of Youth

Kalypso Greek Queen Nymph of Love

Kheiron Greek Immortal of Arts

Muses Greek attendants of Inspiration




The entities you are best suited for:


Gold Dragon

Red Dragon

Chinese Seeker Dragon

Hapy Egyptian god of Innundation

Ptah Egyptian god of Craftsmen

Demeter Greek goddess of Harvest

Erida & Eris Greek goddesses of Hate & Strife

Hesphaistos Greek god of the Smith

Herakles Greek Immortal hero

Poseidon Greek god of the Sea

Prometheus Greek god of Rebellion





The entities you are best suited for:


Copper Dragon

Chinese Guide Dragon

Forseti Norse god of Meditation

Zhang Guo-lao Chinese Immortal of Comprehension

Lu Dong-bin Chinese Immortal of Scholars

Han Xian-2i Chinese Immortal of Philsophers

Ma'at Egyptian goddess of Justice & Harmony

Athene Greek goddess of Wisdom




The entities you are best suited for:

Silver Dragon

Chinese Attendant Dragon

Zhong Li-quan Chinese Immortal of Poverty

Li Tie-guai Chinese Immortal of Sick

Lan Cai-he Chinese Immortal of Impoverished

Bes Egyptian goddess of Women

Hathor Egyptian goddess of Love, Joy

Hestia Greek goddess of Domestic Joy



The entities you are best suited for:



Chinese Guard Dragon

Thor Norse god of Thunder

Tyr Norse god of War

Bastet Egyptian goddess of Protection

Horus Egyptian god of Protection

Sekhmet Egyptian goddess of War

Ares Greek god of War

Erinyes Greek goddesses of Punishment

Thetis Greek goddess of Protection



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